Boderm Pharmaceutical S.A. is a dynamic pharmaceutical company. It engages in International market of Medicines, Medical Devices, Food Supplements and Cosmetics. The company aims to provide innovation and offers high quality of product and services in favour of consumers health benefit. 


Its Medical Devices, Food supplements and Cosmetic-Cosmeceuticals are available in several European countries and International agora under its brand BODERM™Boderm Laboratories pc (group member of Boderm Pharmaceutical S.A.) is a modern facility in development and production of Medical Devices, Food Supplements and Cosmetics.


Its advanced quality of technologies and human resources binds-completes the best outcome of BODERM™ portfolio.


Our company established in 2001 focusing in Dermatological Medicines, Medical Devices, Nutritional Supplements and Cosmetics.

Today, it markets Dermatological Medicines, as well as Medical Devices, Food Supplements and Cosmetic-Cosmeceutical products. In recent years, the company invested in the development and establishement of a modern facility Boderm laboratories to highlight its potential and quality within our global Healthcare Industry.

In cooperation, with Boderm Laboratories (as goup member of Boderm Pharmaceutical S.A.) the company provides Development and Production of Medical Devices, Cosmetic and Food Supplement products in a fully certified environment according to International standards of cGMP ( Good Manufacturing Practices ) and ISO.


In collaboration, with a broad international network of branded material suppliers Boderm Pharmaceutical S.A. accomplishes standard reliable quality of its finished products.



Boderm Pharmaceutical S.A. invests in research in collaboration with universities and research centers in Europe for documentation of our products.

We declare participation in International and European Dermatological Conferences, exhibitions of raw materials, packaging, product development contributing to challenges of our industry.

The common goal of Boderm Pharmaceutical S.A. and Boderm Laboratories is to continuously invest in innovative products with new technologies of interest to the international environment.

Our company, in recent years invested in development, production and launch of Medical Devices, Food Supplements, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmeceuticals.

The research center at the premises of Boderm Laboratories provide us flexibility and guarantee our early, valid and secure result of our products.

Boderm Pharmaceutical S.A. and Boderm Laboratories provide and accept proposals for research and product development within international product innovation challenge.

Βoderm Pharmaceutical S.A. in a partner in the project "SMART-BLISTER: Medication Adherence System for Chronic Patients by Redesigning of the Medical Blister", which part of the "EREVNO_DIMIOURGO_KENOTOMO" initiative of EYDE-ETAK, and is partially financed by the European Regional Development Fund.


Boderm Pharmaceutical S.A. provides internationally certified medicines, medical products, nutritional supplements and cosmetics, under the brand BODERM™ and its trademarks:











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At the same time, Boderm Pharmaceutical S.A. maintains through Boderm Laboratories active partnerships for the production of its proprietary products on behalf of third parties in the context of export and international agents.


The liability of the company focuses on products, on environment, on human resource, on end user. 


Our staff monitors and intervenes for the highest safety and quality provided by all those contribute to finished product.


Company's portfolio is produced with respect to quality recycling materials and consistently provide the consumer safe for use products.

Our harmonised Phamacovigilance system, the rules of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) by all production sites, and compliance with ISO standards and European Directives make us more responsible for the delivery of our products.

In addition, the sensitivity to people with special abilities is iapplied in all our premises and in all packaging of our finished products.

Achievement of our goal is accomplished by continuous improvement in all respects for the benefit of our society and environment.