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BOSKIN™ Body lotion 200ml

  • BOSKIN™ Body Lotion is a moisturizing lotion

    that nourishes, protects and cares the skin.

     It is based on:

    • White Tea. White Tea is famous as a special type of tea with higher antioxidant properties.
    • Lecithin. A mixture of phospholipids that creates a lamellar structure and provides a velvety, fresh, non-greasy texture.
    • Grape Seed Oil (GSE) A natural antioxidant compound (bioflavonoids), that reinforces and protects the skin.


    Boskin™ Body lotion leads to an excellent moisturising effect leaving a smooth texture on your skin.


    Boskin™ Body lotion it is safe for use and may be used frequent.

    Daily application provides an excellent hydrative result.


    Available in pack of 200ml tube. 

    Dermatologically Tested