AcmedΤΜ Cream is a light texture cream that corrects imperfections of oily skin.


AcmedΤΜ Cream contains the whitening factor Azelaic Acid 20%.


Usage informations :

  • Wash your oily area (such as face or chest or back) before application.

  • Apply in your oily areas with light massage.

  • Do not rinse off in applied areas for few hours. Wash your hands following application.

  • You may apply 1-2 times per day for a period up to 12 weeks.


If you have any queries, please contact your doctor or pharmacist.

Keep out of reach of children. Please store in a cool and dry place,

below 28ο C.

For topical, external use only. Contains Azelaic Acid. Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse off immediately if product comes into contact with them.


Product of:

Boderm Pharmaceutical S.A., 6 Panou Gavala Str., Industrial Park Agiou Stefanou, 14565, Attica-Greece.

t:+30210 7707595.

Manufactured by Boderm Laboratories pc.


AcmedΤΜ Cream is Fragrance free.



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